The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear

Ethical Hacking

Currently studying for my CEH v10 certification. I use Kali Linux every day for work and study on it at night. Windows 10 Pro and Kali dual boot #FTW

Making Music Since Greensboro, NC

Now I live in one of the greatest cities on earth, Music City aka. Nashville. Getting back to my recording engineering roots and playing drums/guitar.

Eating One Salad Per Day

Eating well is the cornerstone of my holistic approach to health and wellness. Eat copious amounts of green veggies and prosper.


This is priority one, one day at a time. I absolutely must put my Higher Power and Recovery first.


Getting after some cardio and strength training. Baseline is one hour of cardio or meditative practice first thing in the morning. In the afternoon is core and strength training. I spend a lot of my time at the BEST GYM IN NASHVILLE, QNTM Fit Life #noexcuses